Our Journey So Far


It has been a tough old year, 2020. But we’re not done yet! As the first three months of trading through The Together Store has come to an end, we wanted to take stock of our growth, and discuss what can be done to continue supporting local traders, farmers, and conservationists!

 First, let’s look at just how ‘Together’ our store is. As of writing this, we have over twenty-five independent vendors selling their wares on the shop. We are proud to be helping the people behind some of Zambia’s finest produce.

  • Our friends Harry and family from Muchenje Farm in Livingstone have allowed our enthusiastic gin drinkers access to the most unbelievable, perfect citrus at the click of a button.
  • Claire & Merwie are always ready to deliver their delicious selection of organic, aquaponic-grown veggies, herbs and leaves support our cocktail and healthy eating aspirations.
  • Marie & the Thomas family are on the store with truly the most unique meat offering: with croc burgers and pekin duck – and even pots of duck fat for the PERFECT roast potato!
  • Cilla’s world class macadamias are always available for the perfect addition to salads, continental dishes or a nutritious midday snack.
  • Glynis & the Woodleys are providing us with their family developed recipes and hard worked branding in the form of Fringilla’s frankly amazing pies!
  • Sue Adair has single-handedly brought eco-consciousness to the front of shopper’s minds. She’s offering eco-cleaning products for the home that are kind to your skin, your family, and to the water tables and rivers your waste ends up in.
  • We have all the herbs and spices you could possibly need at home thanks to Zamor’s comprehensive, delicious range.
  • Rhodes Park Café is cooking up Lusaka’s most convenient grab n go meals for home and the office, coupled with artisan breads and naughty patisseries.

Muchenje Farm

I could go on, but you’ll just have to browse the store to learn about the rest of our incredible partners in Zambia! And of course, if you are producing, growing or making something unique, delicious or ethical – don’t hesitate to let us know!

Let’s look at some numbers:

We promised you, our Together Partners, that we’d be donating a portion of our revenue to conservation and/or community up-liftment organisations. We meant what we said. That’s why at the end of July we’ll be writing a cheque (not a literal one, does anyone still use those?!) for about ZMW 3,500! It’s a first step, but as you continue to show loyalty to us through shopping, we’ll be able to continue supporting the hard workers making Zambia a better, safer, more diverse country to live in.

This deposit is proudly being made to the amazing Wildlife Crime Prevention NGO, which supports the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) to reduce the illegal wildlife trade across Zambia and neighbouring countries throughout the region.

Dog Detection Unit

How do we know you’re loyal? Well that’s easy too! We’re so proud to thank you for your continued support. Thus far, a full 24% of our sales have been from returning customers, which means we owe you so much! That why, if you’re reading this you get an exclusive, valid for one week only, discount of 10% off everything in store, just use the discount code STILLTOGETHER but shh, don’t tell anyone! Kidding tell everyone!

 So, all in all, we really do love what has been achieved so far, Together. We can’t wait to grow even further. There’s a wicked selection of new wines on the store, and stocks are limited! So, get online, get sharing, and get buying.




The Together Store,